Project #7: Google Slides Presentation

This week our assignment involved creating a static presentation in Google Slides.

There are just a few things I should make note of about my presentation. First, you may notice that I’ve applied a Creative Commons attribution share-alike license (CC-BY-SA 4.0 – you can view the license by clicking on the Creative Commons logo in the bottom right corner of my cover slide when you’re in the “view slide notes” mode). I selected this license because one of the images I used had the license applied, and the share-alike license requires that I use the same license on my own work. If you are interested in using any part of the presentation, just make a copy of it and modify it to suit your needs.

In addition, I’m using the 4th edition of the textbook, so my summary of the chapter on worked examples is actually on Chapter 12 rather than Chapter 11.

I’ve been a Google Slides user for several years, and I find it to be a fine alternative to PowerPoint, except for the fact that it doesn’t allow for audio narration. With this, as with any other multimedia presentation, my biggest frustration is in finding multimedia content that is freely available and that suits my purposes, confirming my concern that creating multimedia presentations is extremely time-consuming, and that it’s helpful to be artistic and creative (I’m not). I’d say that one of my main concerns as I near the end of the M.E.T. program is that I don’t have the graphic design skills to be effective and successful as an educational technologist.

With more time I’d have given greater attention to the graphics in this presentation. I’d have also preferred to employ the modality principle and make this a narrated presentation.

I hope you enjoy the presentation!

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