Project #4: Prezi

It’s been many years since I’ve used Prezi. One of my first uses of Prezi was, coincidentally, for a presentation in my last course for my master’s program in library science back in 2011. While I think my use back then was fairly innovative (I was presenting on the concept of the “learning commons” and I created my presentation to look like a learning commons), I apparently wasn’t aware of Prezi’s ability to inflict feelings of motion sickness on its viewers. Wow! Spins and twirls! You can take a look, if you’re interested, but hold onto your seat!Prezi presentation

When I last used it, adding audio files was not yet an option, and was considered one of the great disadvantages of Prezi use. I’m glad to see they have improved the product to allow for the incorporation of audio narration. The addition of audio capabilities makes Prezi a good choice for an overview presentation on Clark and Mayer’s Chapter 6, “Applying the Modality Principle.” To round out the presentation, I used public domain images from Pixabay, and I used the Voice Memos app on my iPhone to record the audio files for slides 2-13.

I hope you enjoy the presentation.

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